Bank Behavior Data Powering Smarter Decisions.

The Most Powerful and
Easy-to-Use Banking Behavior AI

RIBBIT leverages the recency and accuracy of bank behavior to power lenders, billers, banks and fintechs to make smarter credit decisions, expand financial inclusion, and reduce fraud.


Access consumer and business financial analytics by transmitting account information, bank transaction history, or open banking data


Generate deep behavioral insights into affordability, income, account stability, and identity, regardless of how your customers provide their bank information

The Bank Behavior Experts

Prebuilt rules for faster implementation and decisioning

Trended attributes available regardless of bank transactions data provider


Lift over traditional credit and underwriting scores
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Make Smarter, More Transparent Credit Decisions

Identify and reduce bank account and identity fraud by applying our insights


Enabled by a sub-second live API call, BQ leverages basic PII elements to identify features indicative of lead quality, account ownership, transaction history and risk.


Delivered through direct API, basic PII can deliver over 1,100 attributes along with scores, rules and recommended actions without requiring users to log in.


Connected through the RIBBIT Widget or your own, standard bank login credentials can deliver over 8,400 attributes, 9 consumer and SMB scores, and recommended actions.

The Bank Behavior Experts help

make better financial decisions

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Nacha Compliance

Account Management


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