RIBBIT empowers

with predictive insights
into bank behavior.

RIBBIT Announcement

RIBBIT empowers financial decisioning, account onboarding, ACH payments & affordability with predictive insights on 99% of bank accounts.

RIBBIT Announcement

What We Do

RIBBIT provides predictive analytics with non-credentialed and credentialed bank intelligence to improve loan and payment performance, surpassing traditional credit solutions no matter how your customers choose to engage.

Who We Service: 

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BankINSIGHTS Suite of Solutions

Our products make it easier to acquire and approve new customers instantly without the need for multiple providers. We use adaptive learning techniques to better predict financial outcomes in a turbulent economy.


Real-time, bank intelligence to identify risk and fraud on 99% of accounts


User-consented bank account lookup and capture of cash flow history


Seamless user interface to instantly enroll bank accounts for loan/payment


Tokenized ACH and Same-Day ACH processing via API or SFTP

Behavior Made Clear™

Simplifies the process of underwriting

50% lower costs

Behavioral insights into bank account activity

One-Stop API

20% increase in approvals

Predicts outcomes more effectively

30% loss reduction


Decreases fees for payment & onboarding

Bank behavior is more than a historical score. 
Affordability recommendations, income estimates, and cash flow cycle use provide clear understanding of where the bank account is going.

Deploy the power of AI to streamline and augment your organization’s financial decisions


Access the API with just a few lines of code on your platform


Accredited ACH professionals oversee all ACH processes


Live, US-based IT and customer support for quick resolutions


Bank-level encryption and security protects sensitive data

ribbit fintech ai banking solutions

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