Patent-Pending Bank Transaction Analytics

CREDENTIALED | Enrollments. Underwriting. Data Aggregation.
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Patent Pending Bank Transaction Analytics

CREDENTIALED | Enrollments. Underwriting. Data Aggregation.

API DocumentsBankLOGIN+ Product Sheet

Bank Transaction Analytics
Key Attribute Modules​




Separate between payroll, gig, & government payments​


Right payment, right cycle, and right day of week​


Changes in financial and life event obligations ​

Cash Flow Cycle

Financial health trend and available excess cash​

Behavior Made Clear®

Automate financial and payment decisioning with instant insights into affordability, income verification, know your customer, and cash flow timing to minimize payment defaults.

AffordAI Report

Easily implement AffordAI reports into existing workflows. Visualize and interpret transactional data in a human-readable format. Find the information that matters most to your business in one place for effective decision-making.

Trended attributes available regardless of bank transactions data provider

Modules of trended attributes covering affordability, income, KYC, and more


Lift over traditional credit and underwriting scores

Data Source Agnostic

Evaluate a customer’s ability to pay with predictive bank insights generated from any bank transaction data source. ​


Utilize our proprietary UX interface and account aggregation to capture user cash flow data​

BYO Data Provider​

Transfer Finicity, Plaid, Yodlee, Decision Logic, Ocrolus, or other aggregation data via API​

Open Banking​

Access user-consented financial data via open banking channels with our partners (or yours) ​



A detailed look at daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly spending obligations balanced against non-obligated spending. Specific metrics look at counts, amounts, overdrafts, and trend the affordability for each obligation type.


Attributes describing the behavior of cash flow usage over the length of the inflow to outflow to inflow cycle. RIBBIT cycle behavior is aggregated into similar clusters and types to generate attributes that compare recent vs overall activity.



Quick-start credit policy and summary statistics. Information provided includes KYC flags, income estimators, affordability recommendations, detailed inflows and obligated spending, and weekly and day of week metrics.

Generic Scores

Generic scores for the consumer, small business, and e-commerce/retail industries are available. Each score is built from a combination of real lender and retailer outcomes and weighed against actual bank behavior.


Attributes designed to provide validation and fraud metrics about an applicant’s PII against their bank account(s) and credentials. Useful for KYC, fraud modeling (first party, third party, ATO, etc.), and credit risk account management.


A current snapshot status of an account(s) along with a deeper profile of the trended history in the account.


The inflow (credits) behavior for the account(s) and looks at key categories of inflows including payroll, transfers, savings, cash management, taxes, and other groups.


The outflow (debits/transfer) behavior for the account(s) and looks at binned outflow amounts that are trended at a daily, weekly, and monthly level. Day of week specific outflow activity is especially useful for optimizing ACH withdrawals.



Attributes that detail the account specific as well as combined account level overdraft behavior.