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Adaptive behavioral analytics that harness the
predictive power of open banking and payment data

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The Most Powerful and
Easy-to-Use Banking Behavior AI

RIBBIT leverages the recency and accuracy of bank behavior to power lenders, billers, banks and fintechs to make smarter credit decisions, expand financial inclusion, and reduce fraud.

The Bank Behavior Experts


Bank account coverage to decision on all accounts instantly

Trended attributes available regardless of bank transactions data provider


Lift over traditional credit and underwriting scores

Educate consumer’s regarding their ability to pay and improve their opportunities by providing insights into:

  • Trended cash flow
  • Payment behavior
  • Recurring obligations
  • Income analysis


Enhance access to financial services with bank behavior and affordability analytics


Expedite customer enrollment and instantly decision on 99% of bank accounts


Empower bank payments while preventing risky and fraudulent transactions

The Bank Behavior Experts


Access consumer and business financial analytics by transmitting account information, bank transaction history, or open banking data


Generate deep behavioral insights into affordability, income, account stability, and identity, regardless of how your customers provide their bank information


Transfer funds to-and-from any bank account in the US via ACH, Same Day ACH, Real Time Payments, and checks via tokenized processing

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Powered by the worldwide acceptance of open banking 

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