Cash Flow Solutions and Transaction Science join forces as RIBBIT, an AI-FinTech firm
RIBBIT combines payment processing and bank data analytics to empower financial decisioning with better data and superior outcomes

OXFORD, Ohio – After 22 years as an electronic payments provider, Cash Flow proudly joins forces with Transaction Science, a groundbreaking predictive analytics company, to form RIBBIT. RIBBIT utilizes patent-pending bank behavior analytics to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world to accelerate financial freedom for all people with better data supporting superior outcomes. 


RIBBIT’s BankINSIGHTS suite provides adaptive bank analytics for instant credit decisioning, account onboarding, and payments from a single API connection. The combined company’s products are designed to simplify financial decisioning without the need for multiple providers, including:  

  • Instant, predictive insights into affordability on 99% of bank accounts
  • Non-credentialed and credentialed bank account onboarding and underwriting 
  • Proprietary, customer-driven user interface to instantly enroll any bank account
  • Account verification and transactional behavior analytics  
  • Tokenized ACH and Same-Day ACH payment processing

The Changing Market

RIBBIT’s adaptive learning methodologies more accurately predict financial outcomes in a turbulent economy. The AI-enhanced platform turns bank and payment data into decisioning intelligence for assessing risk and offering affordable financial products. RIBBIT’s proprietary network accesses billions of financial data points to present an authentic, holistic picture of a customer’s ability to afford a payment or a loan. Lenders, fintechs, and banks are leveraging the technology to evaluate applicant’s creditworthiness and ability to pay. 

“One of the most difficult factors to understand when evaluating credit has always been affordability,” says Steven Thompson, Chief Data Scientist of RIBBIT. “Our RevealedAffordability™ technology combined with 22 years of Cash Flow Solution’s payment experience provides a realistic and instantaneous evaluation of that affordability so consumers and businesses have more opportunities.”

The Path Forward

Long before the pandemic began, the two companies recognized the inherent weaknesses in using traditional methods to onboard new customers.  Shawn Princell, CEO of RIBBIT, explains that “the process to underwrite credit and ACH payment applications is extremely fragmented, especially in today’s economy. We’ve found that combining AI with bank data can more accurately predict affordability, payment risk, and KYC traits. RIBBIT brings together 160+ years of experience in payment and credit decisioning to resolve these problems within a single API.” 

As a privately-owned and funded business, RIBBIT is excited to explore new strategic partnerships and global expansion. 


Cash Flow Solutions Inc.
Since 1998, Cash Flow enables companies to manage risk and process payments from consumer bank accounts. A single API connection provides a suite of endpoints to enroll, verify, and tokenize bank accounts. Our proprietary widget allows end users to simply connect their accounts via bank login credentials or enter their payment details to instantly authorize their accounts. Cash Flow’s technology facilitates new account onboarding, credit underwriting, and payment acceptance for fintechs, financial institutions, lenders, and mobile apps.


Transaction Science
Transaction Science is a fintech company founded in 2019 by credit risk and data science executives with a passion for data engineering, score development and profitable lending decisions. Through its patent pending RevealedAffordability™ technology platform, Transaction Science enables high quality, timely lending and account management decisions based on the freshest data possible: bank transactions data.

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