Our Mission

Driving financial inclusion and economic growth by harnessing the power of open banking and behavioral analytics

RIBBIT leverages the recency and accuracy of bank behavior to power lenders, billers, banks, and fintechs to make smarter decisions, expand financial inclusion, and reduce fraud. Consumers and small businesses can now use their own bank and payment data to improve access to quality financial services. The AI-driven INSIGHTS delivered by RIBBIT enable instant, actionable user experiences that increase customer acquisition. We are the Bank Behavior Experts.


Our leadership team and advisory board has over 160 years of combined payment and credit decisioning experience working with C-level Executives in Lenders, Retailers, FinTechs, and Banks in the United States and abroad.  

Greg Rable

Shawn Princell
Executive Vice President, Growth

John Gordon

Steven Thompson
Chief Analytics Officer

Eric Vondohlen
Chief Data Scientist

Ian Pacey

Why the frog?​

Before RIBBIT, there was Cash Flow Solutions.  Cash Flow Solutions was created in 1998 as an innovative provider of electronic payments for merchants nationwide. The essence of the electronic process is easy: money is debited from one bank account and credited into another. Our staff used the term debit and credit so frequently, it started to become a chant… “DebIT”… “CredIT”… Soon the chant turned into a croak and our frog Obie was hatched. We quickly become known in the payments industry as The Frog Company. In November 2020, Cash Flow Solutions joined forces with Transaction Science to create RIBBIT, an AI-enabled FinTech firm empowering financial services with better data. RIBBIT leads the industry as the bank behavior experts.