RIBBIT Expands to Add Eric VonDohlen as Chief Data Scientist


To address the demands of a rapidly growing market, RIBBIT has added highly-regarded data scientist Eric VonDohlen to the executive team as Chief Data Scientist. “As we entered the fourth quarter of 2021, our executives alongside a team of key advisors, identified the strategic talent, resources, and partnerships necessary to achieve market dominance and catapult growth in 2022,” said Shawn Princell, CEO. “Securing Eric VonDohlen as Chief Data Scientist was a significant victory for RIBBIT, our clients and partners.” Mr. VonDohlen will lead efforts to maximize the value of RIBBIT behavioral analytic financial models by delivering more predictive outcomes for lenders, banks, and businesses to improve their customer and portfolio profitability. “It is time to replace tired and outdated financial models with current models, designed to actively shift with economic trends and provide ongoing actionable intelligence in real-time,” VonDohlen said. “RIBBIT is the solution to a growing problem.”
Ribbit Chief Data Scientist Eric VonDohlen